Fontaliza – is young, but still very promising and already well-known band from the Eastern Ukraine.
They passed a logical development from the underground clubs in their hometown to the best concert halls of the country. They are immature, fresh and talented.
They can play a heavy rock-n-roll anthems as good as lyrical and melancholy songs. During their musical history they amalgamated only the best experience of the world alternative, passed through themselves and produced an unbelievable good synthesis of energy and melody.
Last few years were especially successful for the band: besides the numerous tours across the country, guys have already played of the best festivals of Ukraine: The Best City.Ua, Respublika, Sosedniy Mir, Shid Rock, Fayne Misto, GogolFEST, etc.
They performed great in front of 50 thousand people at the biggest stadium of the country – NSK “Olimpiysky”, where Fontaliza played because of the personal invitation of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (“Okean Elzy”).
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Fontaliza – Фірмові Рухи



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